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Telehealth Training and Resources

Telehealth Training and Resources

Avel eCare is offering free training and resources to help health care facilities navigate and utilize virtual health care in their practices. This series of classes assist you with various concerns that can arise when utilizing telemedicine services. Learn more about engaging with children virtually, troubleshooting technology, communicating on camera, and more.

Tips and Tricks for Engaging Children in a Virtual Visit

Amanda Allison, RN, BSN, CPN, with the Avel School Nurse Program, takes a quick look at the unique challenges of engaging a child during a virtual visit. During this 20-minute video, she offers insight into proper preparation for a child virtual visit, including equipment and environment considerations. She gives additional tips and tricks for providing developmentally appropriate care, gaining trust, and setting expectations to create a successful telemedicine.

Troubleshooting a Virtual Visit in the Moment

When utilizing technology, problems will occasionally arise while performing a virtual visit. During this short video, Dr. Janell Simpkins, MD, an Avel physician, reviews preparation ideas to help you decrease the likelihood of technology issues during a virtual encounter. She also gives quick and easy tips for in-the-moment troubleshooting when technology fails during a telemedicine visit.

Handling Difficult Conversations during a Virtual Visit

Sharing difficult information during a virtual visit can be done in a compassionate, patient and family-centered way. It isn’t necessarily what you have to say, it is how you say it, no matter if you are face to face or over a camera. In this short 10 minute video, Michele Snyders, MSW, CSW-PIP, APHSW-C, Avel Social Worker, shares practices and language that can be used to ensure that the patient and family feel informed and listened to when conducting a difficult conversation during a virtual visit.

Building Trust During a Virtual Visit

Creating conscious awareness and resources dedicated to making a connection via telemedicine is important to establish the patient-provider relationship; even more important is the repetition of that trusting connection to ensure ongoing patient-provider rapport. In this short video, Dr. Seth Parsons, MD, clinical physician lead for Avel Behavioral Health Services gives insight into establishing a trusting relationship during a telemedicine visit.

Best Practices for Communicating on Camera
This one-page resource gives Avel’s top 10 best practices for a successful virtual visit.
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Establishing a Professional Environment
This one-page document outlines keys to establishing a professional environment during a virtual visit. An appropriate setting limits distractions, maintains confidentiality and builds professional rapport.
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