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Emerging Markets

Emerging Markets - Innovation/Pilot Programs

The ongoing Avel eCare innovation process encourages pilot projects to serve new populations and clinical specialties. Emerging markets currently under review at Avel include:

  • Employers and workplaces
  • K-12 schools
  • Congregate living situations, such as higher education residence halls
  • Accountable care organizations
  • Home care
  • Retail locations
  • International disaster response and relief organizations, such as NATO

We continually look for telehealth partnerships that create ways to:

  • Deliver timely treatment for a wide range of health conditions and intervention before they become serious or acute
  • Support local economies by providing high-quality health care for workers/patients close to home
  • Maintain availability of health care services in critical access facilities and rural communities
  • Improve health care provider work/life balance, recruiting and retention

What Our Clients Say

  • "School nurses play an integral role in ensuring that students are healthy and ready to learn. After identifying a need for better access to our nursing services across our large school district, eCare worked with us hand-in-hand to develop a custom solution and pilot the eCare School Nurse project, which dramatically increased our students’ access to a school nurse. In the short time that this project has been in place, over 2,000 students were provided access to a school nurse when they otherwise would not have had access. This program is invaluable in the care we provide to students. eCare has been a great partner and we’re now working on plans for further expansion"

    Molly Satter RN, MSN, Sioux Falls School District
    Health Services Supervisor/ District 504 Coordinator

  • "We had the opportunity to partner with eCare and pilot a new virtual workplace clinic with our staff. eCare has been great for our employees – whenever they’d like to chat with a health care provider, they can step in to our dedicated room and connect almost instantly with a general practitioner. We love being a part of this groundbreaking work – and our employees couldn’t be happier with the added benefit."

    Allie Fischer

Become an Avel eCare Partner

Avel eCare selects partner organizations based on the interest and willingness of administrators and clinical professionals to expand their health care mission and support for patients through telehealth services.

Explore an eCare telemedicine partnership that can help you enhance quality health care for people in your region.

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