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By the Numbers

Avel eCare By The Numbers

Avel eCare is a leader in virtual care delivery with a proven 25-year record in visionary thinking. Avel is using innovation and technology to find new ways to connect our specialty care providers to health systems 24/7. In an industry challenged with shrinking margins and workforce shortages, our programs improve efficiencies while decreasing provider burnout and turnover, keeping the patients closer to home; all while improving quality of care.

The impact of Avel services reaches patients served by more than 420 facilities across the nation.

As word about our services spreads, many organizations—including international groups such as NATO—call on us and visit our centralized virtual hospital hub to see Avel telemedicine in action and explore the partnership potential. Review these snapshots to see our impact on patients and partners receiving key telehealth services.

Avel eCare ICU

For the facilities currently in our network, we provide board-certified intensivists and critical care nursing coverage for hospitals and health systems. Since we established the service in 2004, we’ve covered 87,000 patients and saved:

  • 2,137 lives
  • 187,060 hospital and ICU days
  • 11,188 fewer days on a ventilator

Avel eCare Emergency

Since 2009, Avel eCare Emergency board-certified emergency physicians and experienced emergency nurses have delivered supportive care to emergency departments (EDs) at hundreds of hospitals across the country.  From our inception, we’ve:

  • Completed 110,000 video encounters
  • Avoided potential transfers for 5,500 patients
  • Improved recruitment and retention of providers by 81.5%

Avel eCare Pharmacy

Since Avel eCare Pharmacy services began in 2008, we’ve providing hospitals of all sizes access to around-the-clock remote pharmacy support, so every medication order is reviewed and approved prior to patient administration. From our inception, we’ve:

  • Reviewed 4.5 million medication orders
  • Avoided 61,000 potentially adverse drug events
  • Provided pharmacy support for over 1 million patients

Avel eCare Senior Care

Avel Senior Care services began in 2012, supporting long-term care and skilled nursing facilities with access to an interdisciplinary team of geriatric-led clinicians. In addition, assisted living and residential care communities have direct access to a team of geriatric trained clinicians. Since Avel eCare Senior Care’s inception, benefits include:

  • 90% of urgent care video encounters resulting in treatment in place
  • Improving unplanned transfers by 62%
  • Saving Medicare costs by an estimated $342 per beneficiary per month

Avel eCare Correctional Health

Currently in use at four South Dakota prisons, Avel eCare Correctional Health provides physician-directed urgent care services to inmates, resulting in fewer unnecessary and costly transfers. Since the creation of this program, we’ve:

  • Avoided 900 potential transfers
  • Resulted in an estimated $422,000 in cost savings

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