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When you see a patient that beats the odds, hear or read a clinician comment positively about our services, or observe a positive outcome as a direct result of Avel’s services, we need to make it a priority to tell that story. eCare saves lives daily so it can be easy to overlook those really special cases because you have to move onto the next case or emergency, but you know when a story is special.

When you see that special story, TELL us about it! You don’t need to share patient names, just what happened and how we intervened. Remember YOU are the EYES and EARS of the PR team. These stories help us promote eCare in a way that will really hit home for the viewers. It’s a true “proof of benefit” and shows the viewer exactly how this system is improving healthcare and potentially their lives.

NOTE: if you submit a story that does end up receiving media attention, we will strongly encourage you to participate in the interview. It is not required, but your first-hand account helps enrich the story and give color to the work we do.



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