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Meet the Challenges of Today’s Hospital Systems With Virtual Pharmacy Services

Your hospital pharmacists play a vital role in medication safety and the prevention of adverse drug events. That’s why regulatory agencies recognize the need for 24-hour pharmacist medication review. However, it’s a challenge to provide on-site, real-time review 24/7.

Avel eCare Pharmacy is here to meet all of your pharmaceutical needs with a full suite of remote pharmacy services for hospitals and health facilities of any size. As a partner with your pharmacy and staff, we collaborate with you to ensure your patients receive the safest, most effective medications.

Imagine a hospital where your pharmacy care services work seamlessly day and night for on-the-spot collaboration.

How We Empower Your Team

  • Accurate and efficient medication order entry, review and clinical pharmacy services whenever you need it
  • Reduced risk of medication errors and adverse events
  • Compliance with regulations and your medication practices
  • Pharmacists available on demand for consultation

What Our Clients Say