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24/7 Telemedicine Hospitalist Support

How it benefits your facility, your patients and your staff

Consistently Fast, Always Accurate

Today’s healthcare facilities are faced with difficult challenges. This is especially true for smaller facilities facing the expenses of temporary staffing, staff burnout, patient transfers, and more.



Decrease in times local provider had to come in while on call or in clinic.


Avel eCare hospitalists deliver 24/7 telemedicine support that provides a number of advantages to health care facilities:


Reduce wait times for consults

Maximize patient satisfaction

Improve patient engagement and follow-up

Improve patient throughput
Minimize transfers
Expand revenue or create new revenue streams
Reduce service line expense

Support night, call, and weekend coverage and admissions

Increase physician retention by relieving afterhours or on-call burdens

Experience unparalleled support for your healthcare facility with Avel eCare’s 24/7 Telemedicine Hospitalist Support. In an era where challenges like staff burnout and patient transfers weigh heavily on smaller facilities, our telemedicine solution offers a beacon of relief.

Our hospitalists provide round-the-clock assistance, reducing staff burnout and alleviating the burden of temporary staffing expenses. With Avel eCare, your staff can achieve true work-life balance while receiving support from professionals intimately familiar with your facility and community.

From admissions to discharges, our hospitalists streamline operations, ensuring optimal patient care and satisfaction. By partnering with us, your facility can meet census goals, increase reimbursement, and significantly reduce patient transfers and emergency room visits.

Don’t let challenges hold your facility back. Schedule an appointment today to discover how Avel eCare’s telemedicine support can revolutionize your operations, benefitting your facility, patients, and staff alike.