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Q&A with Doug Duskin, new CEO of Avel eCare

Avel eCare, a national leader in providing telemedicine care to millions of individuals across the country, is welcoming Doug Duskin as our new Chief Executive Officer. Duskin is an experienced executive with a successful track record of partnering with healthcare organizations to advance missions and foster growth, resulting in better care delivery and services.

Duskin is excited to build on this success and eager to meet with Avel clients, stakeholders, and partners. Click HERE to read the Q&A and get a glimpse of Doug’s vision on what is to come.

Coordinated Access to Care

When you become part of the Avel eCare telemedicine network, we work with you to create productive professional relationships across teams and understand the systems and processes you have in place. We coordinate technical requirements and tailor our approach to meet your needs. Our mission: To become a trusted, well-integrated member of your team—virtually.


What does Avel eCare do?

We support your clinicians with a telemedicine team of experts, ready 24/7/365 to assist in care delivery. We help you bring advanced medicine to your community so you can treat more patients in place.

Avel eCare’s unique model brings services and providers together under one roof, just as if they were in a typical hospital building. The only difference is that we interact with you through advanced communication and video technologies.

How do you benefit?

You’ll deliver better care—and deliver it faster—while improving safety and avoiding unnecessary transfers. In addition, you’re able to provide a better experience for your patients and your providers by giving them access to a network of specialists, who all work for you.

What Our Patients Say