Demystify the Telemedicine Process

Implementing a telemedicine program is easier than you think. When you become part of the Avel eCare telemedicine network, we work with you to create productive professional relationships across teams. We coordinate technical requirements and tailor our approach to meet your needs.

Step One: Discovery Step One: Discovery
Step Two:  Confirmation & Setup Step Two: Confirmation & Setup
Step Three:  Utilization Step Three: Utilization
Step Four:  Ongoing Support Step Four: Ongoing Support

Step One: Discovery

You’ll work with our experienced sales team to determine which services best meets your needs, whether you need to augment your staffing with Emergency, Hospitalist, or Pharmacy services or enhance your offerings with Behavioral Health or ICU.

Step Two: Confirmation & Setup

Once your contract is secured your team is ready for the integration, our highly-trained implementation team will work hand-in-hand with your staff to set up the necessary software, hardware, and training to facilitate the delivery of virtual care.

Step Three: Utilization

At a touch of a button or quick phone call, your team has access to our clinicians and specialists who will help empower your team and enhance your services, because Avel believes health care should be done locally by people who know their community best.

Step Four: Ongoing Support

Whether you have operational questions about your existing service lines or are seeking out new opportunities to expand telemedicine through Avel eCare, our team stands ready to offer ongoing support and advice.

How To Get More Information

For more information on the services Avel eCare offers, please contact us.