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Support for those who respond at a moment’s notice

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Support for those who respond at a moment’s notice

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Through Avel eCare Emergency Medical Services, EMS agencies in urban, rural, and underserved areas can access board-certified emergency physicians and experienced nurses for peer-to-peer emergency support in the field or on route. Participating agencies are outfitted with a rugged, reliable telemedicine package that rapidly connects EMS personnel to Avel’s hub via enhanced cellular networks. We partner with EMS professionals to expedite care and provide the best pre-hospital care possible.  Our goal is to support EMS personnel by lending a virtual hand when they need it, helping preserve the fabric of EMS services across the country.

Avel eCare EMS can support EMS Agencies with:

  • Triage
  • Airway / ventilation / oxygenation
  • Circulation, hemorrhage, or other cardiovascular needs
  • Trauma Care
  • ECG interpretation
  • Medication decisions included as included in the Basic Life Support and Advanced Life Support scope of Practice
  • Peer-to-peer consultation
  • Procedural decisions
  • Review or advisement on diagnostic tests

Telemedicine in Motion

In October of 2022, Avel eCare was selected through a competitive RFP process to be the telemedicine provider of the State of South Dakota’s new EMS program Telemedicine in Motion. EMS agencies who participate will be able to install a robust telemedicine-enabled tablet in the back of their ambulance and use the tool to call Avel eCare’s emergency medicine experts who are based in Sioux Falls. This program is a first-of-its-kind in the nation and will help sustain the future of EMS in the state.

Learn more about the State of South Dakota’s EMS initiatives by clicking HERE.



Avel’s mission with this project is to ensure that EMS crews are no longer alone. This program was developed by those with EMS experience (many Avel employees are registered EMTs or paramedics) with EMS needs in mind. The Avel team has been trained extensively in the nuances of EMS care delivery and stands ready to assist when and where the help is needed!

The Future: EMS, Everywhere

Avel eCare is expanding the program, and is looking to other EMS programs, State Agencies, or other stakeholders looking to access virtual co-responder services. Do you have an interest in accessing the expertise of board-certified Emergency physicians and expert nurses? Contact us today!


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Avel eCare EMS Testimonials

Edward Konechne, EMT
This service will SAVE rural EMS Agencies in South Dakota and across the country.
Edward Konechne, EMT
Kimball Ambulance
This service will SAVE rural EMS Agencies in South Dakota and across the country.
Edward Konechne, EMT
Edward Konechne, EMT
Kimball Ambulance

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