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Save lives. Flexible options for critical care.

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Critical Care

Save lives. Flexible options for critical care.

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Across the country, hospital intensive care units admit more than 5 million critically ill patients. When these units are staffed by intensivists, lengths of stay and costs (estimated at $13 million annually) are reduced.

Although there are significant benefits to intensivist-led intervention and care, coverage continues to be an ongoing challenge, a challenge addressed by Avel eCare Critical Care. Utilizing innovative remote monitoring technology, Avel’s credentialed and privileged intensivists provide ongoing remote monitoring, immediate intervention, and on-demand consultation to help ICU teams respond faster when a critical change occurs.

Facilities with Avel eCare Critical Care services improve the use of evidence-based medicine, reduce staff burnout thanks to 24/7 monitoring, reduce rates of complications and mortality, and reduce transfers which deliver an economic boost to both the facility and the local community.

During the last 12 months, Avel eCare Critical Care has had the following impact:

  • 203 lives saved
  • $11.2 million in costs saved
  • 7,000 less days on the ICU through faster response times to complications


Count on Avel eCare ICU for the ongoing monitoring, on-demand consultation and immediate intervention that hospitals need for critically ill patients.

Avel’s interactive video, decision-support software and remote monitoring technology allow the ICU critical care team to monitor trends in patients’ vital signs. Meanwhile, sophisticated predictive analytics recognize and alert to subtle changes in patient status – allowing local care teams to respond faster when a critical change occurs.

While Avel eCare ICU doesn’t replace bedside resources, it does support local teams with:

  • 24/7 immediate access to board-certified intensivists and medical professionals
  • Continuous monitoring of patients
  • Early intervention with physiological and lab changes
  • Predictive analytics for proactive medicine
  • Post-consult analysis for continuous quality improvement
  • Rigorous adherence to evidence-based medicine

Avel intensivists become credentialed and privileged at originating facilities, which also allows them to provide orders and care for patients as needed.

How It Works

  1.  The Avel team implements monitoring software and hardware into ICU rooms
  2. Once patients are admitted to the ICU, they receive around-the-clock monitoring from Avel eCare ICU’s board-certified intensivists and seasoned critical care nurses. Avel eCare ICU clinicians remotely view real-time patient information such as cardiac monitors, lab results, medications and care notes via electronic medical record interfaces and technology integration
  3. The Avel team performs rounds on every patient, ensuring adherence with evidence-based care bundles like sepsis, ventilator weaning protocols, DVT prophylaxis and stress ulcer prophylaxis
  4. The Avel team collaborates with originating site’s ICU team to assess patients and communicate interactively through high-definition video
  5. For additional support, advanced video technology allows Avel eCare ICU clinicians to see close-up views of patient indicators like pupil size, skin color and settings on patient-support devices
  6. Any change in the patient’s status notifies the Avel eCare ICU team and prompts them to review and respond to the patient’s new status
  7. The team will then alert bedside staff of any potential change that may require medical intervention to avoid any adverse health problems


Avel eCare ICU equips facilities with the support and expertise needed to achieve better outcomes for patients, improved ICU throughput and better support for staff. Avel eCare ICU can help:

  • Improve the use of evidence-based medicine
  • Increase confidence among patients and families with the high level of care available
  • Offer 24/7 support for staff which reduces burnout, increases retention and improves recruitment
  • Reduce ICU and hospital length of stay (LOS)
  • Reduce rates of complications and mortality
  • Reduce transfers, delivering an economic boost to your facility and community

Watch the Avel eCare ICU video to see how Avel supports and collaborates with care teams.

Avel eCare ICU at Work

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