About Avel eCare

Avel eCare has grown to be a national leader in delivering virtual care based on one simple premise : we care for the caregivers.


Every person and every community deserves access to high quality care. Avel’s experts collaborate with local clinicians through telemedicine, to deliver high quality care when and where it’s needed.


Avel eCare serves as a catalyst for change. We are creating a future of health care without boundaries through Service, Quality, Collaboration, and Innovation


It Began With A Vision

Avel eCare first started with limited grant funding, three employees, one service line, and a bold vision: to push the boundaries of care.


Sustained Growth

The model quickly took on and during the span of 28 years, Avel added seven more service lines, 240 employees, and grew to serve more than 600 sites across the United States.


Innovation And New Opportunities

At Avel, we never sleep. Our experts and clinicians are constantly working with partners and providers to identify new opportunities, technologies, and strategies to drive telemedicine care forward.

The Future Is Bright

Working together with local care teams, Avel helps to reduce burnout, increase provider confidence, and cut costs. By embracing this model, Avel’s mission is to serve even more patients and communities with high quality care when and where it’s needed.

How To Get More Information

For more information on the services Avel eCare offers, please contact us.