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Avel eCare is, by it’s nature, an inquisitive and curious organization. Our experts are constantly looking for opportunities to streamline and improve care delivery, and regularly publish their findings in informative and data-driven whitepapers that are widely available.

Learn more about eCare, our impact, and how we are reimagining virtual care delivery by downloading the whitepapers below.

ER Whitepaper

A hospital in rural Montana was looking for support for its Emergency department. Learn more about how eCare Emergency was able to bring step-by-step telemedicine support to this health care facility and community.

Hospitalist Whitepaper

Staffing challenges pose a real difficulty to small town hospitals. Learn how a South Dakota hospital’s “Grow your Own” Program, in partnership with eCare Hospitalist, helped boost both recruitment and retention of clinicians.

Pharmacy Whitepaper

Ensuring patients have 24/7 monitoring of their medications is absolutely critical. Learn more about how Emerus Health partnered with Avel eCare to find solutions to their challenges via remote pharmacy

School Health Whitepaper

School administrator’s focus should be on how to deliver the best education to children, not how to make sure there is a nurse available. Learn how eCare School Health partners with schools to manage student health needs and ensure coverage from the start of the first period to the ringing of the final bell.

Behavioral Health Whitepaper

Behavioral health conditions are a pressing health need across our nation. Wherever people choose to live and raise their families, they deserve access to specialized care and treatment. Discover how eCare Behavioral Health partners with local providers to deliver this critical service.

Collaborative Research

Avel eCare makes vital contributions to advancing the national research and literature on telemedicine services. We collaborate with institutions such as the University of Iowa, University of Pittsburgh and the University of North Dakota, among others.

The data below includes external reputable links on various telemedicine topics.


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Provider-to-provider telemedicine improves adherence to sepsis bundle care in community emergency departments (2020)

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A multi ethnic group of nursing students are attending a meeting together with their male professor who is a doctor wearing a lab coat. They are seated at a table in a hospital and their professor is standing in between them while listening to their discussion.

Speaking Engagements

Collaboration is in Avel’s DNA, and our physicians and experts are constantly sought out to participate in various conferences and speaking engagements to advance the field of telemedicine. From highlighting the benefits of a particular program to addressing the philosophical and tangible advantages of telemedicine, you can find Avel team members actively contributing to the national conversation around telemedicine.


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