Fast and Easy Access to Behavioral Health Specialists

The Problem: Do you struggle to quickly assess and find placement for your emergency behavioral health patients, pulling your ER nurses away from the bedside to make phone calls to psychiatric facilities?

The Avel Behavioral Health Solution:

  • Fast Behavioral Health assessments
  • Timely Psychiatry Consults
  • Disposition Planning
  • Development of Safety Plans
  • Transfer Calls and Support
  • Shared Risk Decision Making

The Impact

  • Decreased staff time in making placement calls
  • Support for critical decision making for behavioral health patients
  • Improve bed capacity with disposition and placement support
  • Improved compliance and accreditation scores by meeting industry standards for patients presenting in a mental health crisis

Avel eCare Behavioral Health

Avel eCare Behavioral Health addresses this demand by providing emergency departments and inpatient behavioral health with expert evaluations from mental health professionals.

Through a secure connection, facilities will have 24/7/365 access to an interdisciplinary behavioral health team.

  • Admission Support
  • Medication Management
  • Patient Placement Support
  • Assessment Services

Organizations who utilize Avel eCare Behavioral Health services are equipped to meet both the physical and mental needs of patients while reducing their length of stay in the emergency room and providing the highest quality of care.

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Nursing Assessments:

  • On-Camera Patient Assessment
  • Disposition Planning
  • Implementation of Suicide Prevention Strategies
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Staff Support:

  • Critical Incident Stress Debrief after difficult cases
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Provider Consults:

Collaborative calls with local providers to:

  • Improve patient care
  • Provide education
  • Increase retention and recruitment in your facility
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Patient Placement Support Services:

  • Assistance with locating an admitting facility if no beds are available at local facility

**Up to 6 Calls to Other Facilities

Did you know Avel eCare also provides…

Psychiatric Inpatient

Timely physician access for urgent needs within your inpatient behavioral health units for after-hour and gap coverage for patients 18 years and older.

  • Nighttime admission support
  • Quality documentation standards

Crisis Care

Behavioral Health services to support law enforcement agencies when they need assistance with individuals experiencing a mental health crisis.

  • Crisis Care services supports local hospitals by decreasing the volume of involuntary hold cases utilizing the ER by addressing BH needs in the community.
  • With a “Stay in Place” rate of over 75%, only those needing ER services are brought to the ER.