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When EMS and Rural Communities are Stretched Thin, Avel Responds

270 hospitals across the country – and counting

74 registered EMS care sites

Over 678 patient encounters

74 Live Sites with 75 Installed Rigs
Of all the EMS calls since installation, Avel has been contacted for support on 7.18% of all EMS calls

“Experience with Avel eCare Staff” rated 4.68 out of 5.

“Value of the Service” rated 4.52 out of 5.

91% success rate of patient encounters with no significant technical issues.

221 Encounters in Q2 of 2023, 678 Encounters since the beginning
The work of any EMS team is hard enough. But when you add long hours and limited resources, it becomes exceptionally important to have all hands on deck, especially in rural communities.

As rural communities – and even larger ones – face the crunch of limited resources, there is a demand for new solutions, especially when it comes to emergency care.

“When you can rapidly connect the hardworking EMS workers in our communities to emergency care, you save lives by offering expertise as they tend to the patient. That not only gives the patient the best attention possible, it keeps EMS teams engaged and reduces burnout.”
Avel Representative

Avel EMS

Avel eCares partnership with the State of South Dakota on Telemedicine in Motion has advanced rural community access to critical EMS care.

Agencies who enroll have their ambulances equipped with a cabin-mounted telehealth tablet, microphones, speakers, In addition, and antennas and cellular boosters to support strong connectivity in the field.

This package of technology is well suited to work in noisy, rural environments and has been specifically designed to augment the services and actions of EMTs. When responding to a call, the EMS crew can call Avel eCare Emergency and, within moments, the board-certified ER doctor and team of nurses will show up on the screen to assist.

One example of Avel in action was with Ed Konechne of rural Kimball, South Dakota. When Ed was violently attacked by a bison on his ranch, rural EMS services connected with Avel eCare to make the fast, crucial decisions that helped save his life.

And that’s just one example of how provide support when and where it’s most needed. To date, Avel eCare has 74 registered sites with rural communities and over 678 patient encounters, many of them serious and even life-saving.

It’s a model we’re not only using today, but advancing across the nation to some of the most underserved areas of the country. Through collaborations with state governments, health care facilities, administrators and rural EMS, Avel eCare delivers the support you need.