Avel eCare, the nation’s leading provider of clinician-to-clinician telemedicine services, today announced the acquisition of Fident Health, a Texas-based virtual hospitalist provider dedicated to delivering high-quality telemedicine care to rural and suburban communities. The deal strengthens Avel eCare’s existing clinician network and builds on the company’s successful acute and post-acute telemedicine solutions to help hospitals, health systems and senior care facilities throughout the United States deliver state-of-the-art care to their communities.

“Providers across the country are experiencing staffing shortages and burnout among clinicians, which ultimately impacts patient care. The problem is particularly acute in rural America where patients are already feeling the impact of the crisis. Fident Health is uniquely positioned to address those needs with its highly experienced team of virtual clinicians. Together, we can expand telemedicine support as we work to address health equity, and ensure quality care is accessible to all,” said Doug Duskin, CEO of Avel eCare.

Fident Health brings its highly experienced clinical team to augment Avel eCare’s successful hospitalist and senior care services. Combined, the two companies will serve over 220 Senior Care Facilities and over 350 hospitals (community, regional and critical care hospitals) across the country.

“Avel eCare was one of the first telemedicine care providers to offer clinician to clinician services and remains a leading player in the industry. We’re proud to join forces and build on their ongoing success. Our experienced clinical team and customizable approach will not only enhance Avel eCare’s capabilities and accelerate nationwide growth, but also aid the development of future solutions that help meet the evolving needs of providers across the entire continuum of care,” said Denise S. Brown, M.D., CEO of Fident Health.

With ten service lines, Avel eCare delivers the broadest array of solutions and care delivery models to meet the needs of a wide range of hospitals, care centers, health systems and other ambulatory care providers. Partner sites receive a mobile cart equipped with everything necessary for a virtual visit. When providers need assistance, they simply call to connect with Avel’s virtual hospital hub. The Avel team collaborates with the bedside team to provide the best possible care for patients. Avel does not replace bedside staff, rather it supports staff to improve the efficiency and timeliness of patient care, reduce clinician burnout, and increase retention and recruiting capabilities.

Earlier this year, Avel eCare announced the acquisition of Nightwatch, a provider of remote pharmacy services to hospitals, clinics and nursing homes throughout the Midwest and mid-Atlantic region.

Link to the press release: Avel eCare Expands Hospitalist and Senior Care Telemedicine Services with Acquisition of Fident Health (prnewswire.com)