Lisa Lindgren

Lisa Lindgren
Senior Vice President, Account Management
Avel eCare



I first began my career in healthcare based on one reason: the people. As a nurse, I witnessed how important it was for patients and their families to receive people-centric care, how necessary it was for doctors, nurses, and clinicians to keep the patient at the center of all they did to improve outcomes and drive better care delivery.

And it is these people, these dedicated clinicians, who make our system so resilient and able to address whatever challenges or issues arise —just like a blade of prairie grass bends but not breaks in the face of stiff wind. Bends but not breaks when a pandemic of unprecedented proportions sweeps across the country. Bends but not breaks when ICU beds were overflowing and the demand on hospitals was at an all-time high. Bends but not breaks when levels of physician and clinician burnout skyrocketed. Bends, but NOT breaks. At Avel, we seek to reinforce the resiliency of the health care system and to ensure that all people, no matter where they live, receive care when and where it’s needed.

The Avel Difference
Avel eCare is a telemedicine provider – a virtual hospital – with an expert team of physicians, nurses, clinicians, and other specialists who stand ready to answer questions, consult with customers, and ensure local providers and clinicians are supported with the highest quality telemedicine services possible. Avel relies on its 28 years of experience when pioneering new advances in virtual care and meeting the needs of its customers: health care facilities ranging from critical access hospitals and larger tertiary centers to senior care facilities, schools, and local clinics.

With roots in delivering care to underserved and rural community hospitals and clinics, Avel’s entire model is built on the premise that local physicians and clinicians, with the help of a virtual partner or colleague, will be better prepared and able to respond to whatever situations or issues come through their facility’s door.

Take for example our work with Madelia Community Hospital in Minnesota. According to an ER supervisor, “The efficiency of the eCare emergency staff allowed for rapid resuscitation and transport of the patients to a higher level of care. Without the help of eCare Emergency, our providers would have had to make the calls to the receiving facility, taking them away from the patient. The nursing staff would have had to make sure that everything was documented properly, all copies were made, transfer forms were completed, and a transport agency was arranged. Again, all of this work would take the nurse away from the bedside.” With Avel as a partner, the Madelia team was able to avoid the necessary but time-consuming administrative tasks and focus on what they do best, delivering exceptional bedside care.

Reimagining Healthcare, One Community at a Time
The United States is vast, and access to quality health care can prove challenging, both in rural and urban areas. But, as the last two years have shown us, the uptick in demand for telemedicine is a direct acknowledgement of how this modality of care can make a real difference in the lives of patients, their families, and the physicians and clinicians who are on the frontlines. By operating with these patients, clinicians, and communities in mind, Avel’s goal of reimagining healthcare leads to improved care outcomes, better patient retention, lower costs, and a stabilized workforce.

And, considering how the health care workforce shortage is at crisis proportions, the last outcome cannot be emphasized enough. As one of our customers – CommonSpirit Health – can attest: “physician retention and recruitment is also really difficult…because of the demand placed on them. The ability to relieve pressure on physicians because of eCare is huge.” And it’s not just physicians. When nurses, APPs, PAs, or other clinicians are supported with a virtual care solution – a colleague on the other side of the screen who can provide feedback and consultation – there is a noticeable decrease in burnout.

Let’s Roll Up our Sleeves and Work Together: We’re Here to Help
If you boil everything down to its essence at Avel, it comes down to the fact that regardless of a customer’s location, services needed, or their capacity, Avel is here to help. From our implementation team ensuring a successful set up and our Account Executives who can help with maximizing utilization, to our physicians, nurses, and clinicians answering the call 24/7 to support local care teams, our customers can expect high quality care delivered with exceptional customer service. As a telemedicine provider delivering clinician-to-clinician support, we always aim to deliver high quality care when and where it’s needed. You might ask, what does creating a future of healthcare without boundaries look like? Well, come join the Avel network and find out: we’re doing it today.

Lisa Lindgren is Avel eCare’s Senior Vice President, Account Management and is responsible for overseeing daily operations of the Account Executive division, which is an essential tie between customers and clinical service lines. As the liaison to both sides, the Account Executive team represents the ultimate customer service experience keeping clinical excellence and quality at the top of mind while being the voice of new product innovation – meeting the needs of customers. Lisa can be reached by email at [email protected] or via LinkedIn at