Experienced emergency physician with a passion for expanding access will enable Avel eCare to continue developing innovative telemedicine solutions that address critical needs across the healthcare industry.

Sioux Fall, SD – September 28, 2022 – Avel eCare, a national leader in delivering clinician-toclinician telemedicine services, announced the appointment of Kelly Rhone, MD, FACEP, as Chief Medical Officer (CMO). A board-certified emergency physician with more than 15 years of leadership experience in telemedicine, Dr. Rhone will enable Avel eCare to continue building innovative solutions that meet the needs of clinicians, patients, and other healthcare stakeholders nationwide.

“Dr. Rhone’s passion for supporting clinicians and dedication to improving access to high-quality care for vulnerable populations made her the right choice for this role. With robust experience in telemedicine and deep clinical expertise, she brings a unique combination of skills that will help move telemedicine forward and address needs across the entire care ecosystem,” said Avel eCare CEO Doug Duskin.

Dr. Rhone joined Avel eCare in 2012 as the Medical Director of Emergency Medicine, bringing cutting-edge emergency and critical care to the patient’s bedside through telemedicine, regardless of location. She has been serving as Interim CMO since April 2022. Her new role comes amidst increasing demand for innovative telemedicine solutions that enable health systems and providers to deliver care more effectively while addressing challenges such as staffing shortages, clinician burnout, and health equity.

“I am honored to serve as Chief Medical Officer during this critical time in the industry,” said Dr. Rhone. “Avel eCare is already nationally recognized for innovating healthcare. I look forward to working with our leadership team and provider partners to develop new applications for telemedicine that enable even greater access to care for patients while reducing costs and  supporting health system staff,” said Dr. Kelly Rhone.

Avel eCare is a telemedicine operation that began within the Avera Health System in 1993. During her time, Dr. Rhone helped expand the services, which now include emergency, hospitalist, critical care, senior care, behavioral health, pharmacy, specialty clinic and school health services. Today, Avel eCare partners with more than 650 facilities in 32 states via interactive two-way video technology.

Dr. Rhone is originally from Vermillion, South Dakota. She obtained her Doctor of Medicine from the University of South Dakota School of Medicine and served her residency at HealthPartners Institute for Medical Education Program in St. Paul Minnesota. She is also an Associate Professor at the University of South Dakota Sanford School of Medicine. About Avel eCare Avel eCare offers the largest and most comprehensive virtual health networks in the world and is one of the first telemedicine care providers in the nation to start offering clinician-to-clinician services via telemedicine. Since 1993, Avel physicians and clinicians have partnered with more than 650 health care systems, rural hospitals, outpatient clinics, long-term care facilities, schools, and correctional facilities across the country to deliver high quality care where and when it’s needed.