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Avera eCARE is now Avel eCare

Learn more about our transition and how we will continue our work at the forefront of telemedicine.

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Health Care Reimagined

Health Care Reimagined

Avel eCare is dedicated to providing virtual care to meet the challenges of today and tomorrow. We listen to your needs to develop a system that builds on your team’s already strong foundation of expertise with on-demand access to specialized experts, education and gap coverage. We do this because we believe health care should be local.

Let’s work together

Coordinated Access to Care

When you become part of the Avel eCare telemedicine network, we work with you to create productive professional relationships across teams and understand the systems and processes you have in place. We coordinate technical requirements and tailor our approach to meet your needs. Our mission: To become a trusted, well-integrated member of your team—virtually.

  • iconICU

    Avel eCare ICU

    Provides continuous monitoring—24/7/365—of critically ill patients by board-certified intensivists and critical care nurses
    • Combines professional expertise with advanced decision-support software
    • Detects and responds to subtle changes in health conditions
    • Helps address issues quickly and avoid problems before they become acute
    • Assists with achieving best practice benchmarks and value-based purchasing requirements
  • iconPharmacy

    Avel eCare Pharmacy

    Ensures medication safety with 24/7, real-time, first-dose order review by hospital-trained pharmacists
    • Improves medication management for complex conditions
    • Helps reduce medication errors and adverse drug events
    • Improves compliance with regulations
  • iconSenior Care

    Avel eCare Senior Care

    Offers residents of long-term care facilities 24/7 access to urgent care and specialty services
    • Ensures earlier treatment for acute conditions
    • Helps avoid unnecessary transfers
    • Improves resident well-being and family satisfaction
  • iconEmergency

    Avel eCare Emergency

    Expands the ability of your emergency department to respond to immediate and/or multiple unfolding situations
    • Provides access to board-certified emergency medicine physicians and nurses
    • Assists with everything from basic triage to life-threatening conditions
  • iconSpecialty Clinic

    Avel eCare Specialty Clinic

    Extends specialty care services to residents of rural and underserved communities through interactive, virtual collaboration with local medical clinics
    • Delivers effective care that as many as 19 percent of patients would have had no other way to receive
    • Reduces or eliminates expenses of long-distance travel and time away from employment or family
    • Keeps health care revenue, residents and workers in the local community
  • iconCorrectional Health

    Avel eCare Correctional Health

    Helps manage urgent medical conditions for inmates of correctional facilities
    • Delivers 24/7 access to physician-directed care
    • Increases public safety by avoiding unnecessary transfers
    • Supports onsite medical staff
    • Improves patient outcomes
  • iconSchool Health

    Avel eCare School Health

    Ensures immediate response to the health care needs of every student by providing registered nurse coverage for the entire school day at K-12 school districts
    • Decreases risk of liability when handling health concerns and delivering medications
    • Gives peace of mind, lowers stress and reduces burnout among staff
    • Provides students with evidence-based care from an experienced registered nurse
  • iconBehavioral Health

    Avel eCare Behavioral Health

    Provides on-demand, expert behavioral health assessments to emergency departments 24/7
    • Offers behavioral health evaluations and recommendations with evidence-based tools and specially trained nurses
    • Reduces the ER length of stay by appropriately and quickly identifying the next level of care
    • Reduces readmissions by connecting patients with the behavioral health services and resources they need
  • iconHospitalist

    Avel eCare Hospitalist

    Supports local providers and nursing staff by providing real-time access to expert internal medicine consultations – including admission, overnight and urgent support – and compliance with evidence-based practices, quality and EMR documentation standards.
    • 24/7 access to trained hospitalist to monitor changes in general health and surgical patients
    • Improved patient outcomes with fewer readmissions and shorter stays


Total Sites Served


Total Health Care Costs Saved

1.5 million

Total Patients Touched

What does Avel eCare do?

We support your clinicians with a telemedicine team of experts, ready 24/7/365 to assist in care delivery. We help you bring advanced medicine to your community so you can treat more patients in place.

Avel eCare’s unique model brings services and providers together under one roof, just as if they were in a typical hospital building. The only difference is that we interact with you through advanced communication and video technologies.

How do you benefit?

You’ll deliver better care—and deliver it faster—while improving safety and avoiding unnecessary transfers. In addition, you’re able to provide a better experience for your patients and your providers by giving them access to a network of specialists, who all work for you.

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What Our Patients Say

  • "If you don’t know about Avel eCare, you might think you’re better off living in a larger community. But I don’t know what else I would have needed [to treat my stroke]. Having access to Avel in our hospital in Parkston is a life-saving connection."


  • "They found a blockage in what they call the widow-maker. While I was laying in the hospital room, the TV screen came on and was connected to Avel eCare Emergency. The care I received within the first half hour probably made all the difference in the world for me. Without Avel, I probably wouldn’t have made it. I know I wouldn’t be in the condition I am now. The quality of life in our small community is enhanced greatly with Avel’s presence."


  • "I’ll never forget that beautiful June day when I almost lost my daughter after she’d been hit by a car. Avel eCare Emergency was wonderful. It took only a matter of seconds before someone was right there. Because of Avel Emergency my perception of rural medicine has changed – now I know we’re connected to every possible avenue when it comes to medical care. Avel Emergency makes it possible to live in small-town America and still have access to great services."

    Ava and Heather