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Request a Tour of Avel eCare

Curious to learn more about how to incorporate telemedicine services within your organization? Scheduling a tour at Avel offers an inside look into the operations of our virtual care center.

During a visit to our Sioux Falls, S.D., headquarters, you’ll gain an up-close look at our service lines across the acute, post-acute and ambulatory areas of care. This is in addition to our Innovation Center where we continue to evolve our services based on the needs of the communities we serve. You’ll also learn about possible delivery strategies and clinical and financial outcomes. Our goal is to help you create a vision for virtual care within your organization.

We’ll get you started by identifying key areas of thought for your own health care vision:

  • Creating a business case
  • Obtaining leadership support
  • Engaging physicians
  • Developing funding
  • Prioritizing your focus
    • Acute, post-acute, ambulatory service
  • Creating a model of innovation for growth

We recommend this tour for CEOs, CMOs, CNOs, CIOs, and telehealth directors.