Avel eCare, a national leader in providing telemedicine care to millions of individuals across the country, is welcoming Doug Duskin as our new Chief Executive Officer. Duskin is an experienced executive with a successful track record of partnering with healthcare organizations to advance missions and foster growth, resulting in better care delivery and services.

His appointment comes on the heels of our transition to Aquiline Capital Partners, which was finalized on November 1. This move will allow Avel eCare – which already has a proven, 28-year record of innovative thinking and pushing healthcare boundaries – to further its mission of expanding access to high-quality care through telemedicine programs.

Duskin is excited to build on this success and eager to meet with Avel clients, stakeholders, and partners. In this interview, we get a glimpse of his vision of what’s to come:

What has you excited about your new role as CEO of Avel eCare?

Doug Duskin: I am honored to be named the new CEO of Avel eCare. It’s not every day that you get the opportunity to step alongside such a thriving organization that makes a real difference for patients, students, senior care residents, and their families in communities across America. Avel is built on a 28-year track record of success and innovation, and I am excited to work with President Deanna Larson and the entire leadership team to guide this organization forward to maintain its excellent level of service while growing our impact to reach even more communities and providers.

Now that Avel eCare is a standalone company, what does this new shift mean?

Duskin: As I mentioned, Avel eCare is the leading provider of telemedicine care because it is built on a strong foundation of excellence, innovation, and hard work. With the recent ownership change, I believe that it is important for our current and future partners to know: when it comes to the factors that set Avel eCare apart in the market – a rock-solid commitment to its mission, expert clinicians and specialists, expansive and valuable services, and an unwavering innovative spirit – nothing will change.

One thing you’ll find out about me is that I like including quotes from Teddy Roosevelt in my comments and presentations. I admire his innate sense of leadership, and one of my favorite TR quotes is, “Keep your eyes on the stars, and your feet on the ground.” When thinking about Avel eCare, it is apparent that the organization has kept its eyes on the stars and its feet on the ground. Since it first began, Avel eCare has been pushing the envelope of telemedicine service while staying grounded in their mid-western roots and values. Aquiline’s partnership with Avel eCare will only serve to amplify this behavior – new resources, capital, and expertise will allow Avel to expand its mission to help ensure that all people, regardless of location, get quality healthcare when and where they need it.

What can clients expect now that Avel is under new ownership?

Duskin: The Avel eCare team that clients know today will continue in a similar manner as we look to further enhance and optimize our services. We will remain a mission-driven organization committed to delivering care to people when and where they need it. We will still provide excellent care at the push of a button. Our implementation team will still offer expert assistance and technical support to ensure everything runs smoothly. Our physicians and clinicians will still work in partnership with care teams in hundreds of sites throughout the country. Our knowledgeable and responsive business development team will remain our primary points of contact for clients and carry forward the strong relationships we enjoy with our partner sites and providers.

How does this change benefit clients?

Duskin: Aquiline Capital Partners has funded many companies in the technology and healthcare space and seeks to add value to its other portfolio companies through this strategic partnership. This will allow Avel eCARE to be better positioned to strengthen its infrastructure, add to its services, acquire talent, and pursue strategic opportunities in this rapidly growing market space. This is where I see long-term benefits for our clients. There will be new opportunities for us to collaborate with other business units within the Aquiline Capital Partners organization as we focus on breathing new life into healthcare.

How do you spend your free time?

Duskin: I am a family man, first and foremost, so I enjoy spending time with my wife and daughter. They are my center and mean the absolute world to me. I also enjoy being outside, whether that is hunting, fishing or on a nice day playing golf with my daughter or friends. Finally, since my roots are in the southeast, I am a diehard Georgia Bulldogs fan, so you’ll likely find me cheering on my Bulldogs come game day.
When you love what you do, it doesn’t feel like work, and I feel so blessed to be joining the Avel eCare team. Everyone I have met is committed to the mission and together we will continue the excellent work of providing access to innovative telemedicine healthcare solutions.