Avel eCare Behavioral Health

Look to Avel eCare Behavioral Health to provide your emergency departments, inpatient behavioral health and acute inpatient units with expert evaluations from mental health professionals.

Through a secure connection via Avel’s advanced telemedicine technology, your staff will find the support they need to provide patients with accurate behavioral health evaluations and next level of care recommendations based on best practices.

You’ll be equipped to meet both the physical and mental needs of your patients while reducing their length of stay in the emergency room and providing them with the highest quality of care.

Your Behavioral Health Care Challenge

Each day your emergency room physicians and nurses are tasked with the challenge of caring for patients with life-threatening conditions, such as depression, anxiety and suicide.

The Agency for Healthcare Research and Quality reports that mental health and substance abuse cases accounted for one in eight emergency room visits in the United States in 2010. More recently, the number of ER patients with an undiagnosed mental illness has been estimated to be as high as 45 percent.

In addition, a 2018 study published in the American Journal of Preventative Medicine found that 65 percent of non-metropolitan counties do not have a psychiatrist, and 47 percent of non-metropolitan counties do not have a psychologist.

Benefit from Behavioral Telehealth Assessments in Your ER

Feel confident knowing that your staff will have 24/7 access to an interdisciplinary behavioral health team, assisting in admission support, medication management and therapy services.

Our team uses evidence-based tools to assess whether or not a patient needs to be admitted to inpatient care, placed on a mental health hold or discharged to home with referrals for follow-up outpatient care. You’ll ensure that each patient is in the safest, best care environment possible.

As an Avel eCare Behavioral Health partner, you’ll benefit from our experience. Take advantage of our services in order to:

  • Receive instant access to an interdisciplinary team of behavioral health clinicians.
  • Get timelier treatment of patient crisis, reducing unintended consequences of not receiving appropriate care.
  • Improve recruitment and retention.
  • Provide relief to providers while enhancing current services through after-hour and gap coverage.
  • Participate in live, monthly education events. CNEs, CEUs, CMEs are also available as a growing library of taped events.
  • Access supportive resources to help with complex behavioral health patients and crisis situations.

How Avel eCare Behavioral Health Works

Partner sites receive a mobile cart equipped with everything needed for an Avel eCare Behavioral Health virtual visit. The cart and its accompanying technology were intentionally designed to be convenient, user-friendly and secure.

  • Our team implements secure, interactive, high-definition video and audio equipment and software into your facility and trains your staff.
  • When your providers need behavioral health assistance, they connect virtually 24/7/365 with our team, who respond immediately from our virtual hub.
  • Our staff clarifies what level of support is being requested.

Although our team becomes part of your local medical staff, credentialed and privileged to direct patient care and support you in delivering care, we don’t replace the bedside team. Instead, we collaborate with and supplement your team in order to provide the best possible care for your patients.

Avel eCare Behavioral Health Services


Behavioral Health Emergency

Avel eCare Behavioral Health Emergency offers seamless integration with Avel’s multidisciplinary behavioral health team. Emergency service offers diagnosis, treatment and discharge planning within the emergency department.

Avel eCare Behavioral Health Emergency service:

  • Evaluates patient for presenting symptomology, and evaluates safety and severity of patient illness using evidence-based assessment tools such as the PHQ9 and the Columbia Suicide Severity Rating Scale.
  • Determines the condition of the patient – chemical abuse, depression, anxiety, suicidal ideation, etc.
  • Initiates a collaborative call with the on-site provider and Avel’s psychiatrist, MSW and/or RN to discuss the recommended level of care, medications and disposition planning.
  • Provides patient education such as a safety plan, means restriction for patients that will be discharged from the emergency department.
  • Assists in locating an admitting facility if no beds are available at the local facility.
  • Depending on local policy and bylaws, our providers can initiate tuck-in orders for hospitals’ own behavioral health units.
  • Provider-to-provider consults for other behavioral health-related questions.

Medical Inpatient

Behavioral Health Medical Inpatient

Avel eCare Behavioral Health Medical Inpatient service consults with local providers to assist with decision-making on medical patients with an underlying behavioral health diagnosis. In addition, they support providers with resources for patients with a positive screening for depression or suicide. The Avel Behavioral Health team provides hospitals expertise on behavioral health concerns for patients 18 years and above.

Avel eCare Behavioral Health Medical Inpatient service includes two-way audio/video patient assessment to evaluate need for further mental health services, risk level assessment, and disposition planning.

Psychiatric Inpatient

Psychiatric Inpatient

Avel eCare Behavioral Health Psychiatric Inpatient collaborates with local providers and nurses to provide behavioral health expertise for after-hour and gap coverage for patients 18 years and older. Services include nighttime admission support, quality documentation standards, and timely physician access for urgent needs within your inpatient behavioral health units.

The Psychiatric Inpatient service includes:

  • On-demand response to nursing requests and orders
  • Provider-to-provider consults
  • Nurse-to-nurse support
  • Two-way audio/video patient consult, as needed

Strategic Partnership

When you partner with Avel eCare Behavioral Health, you’ll benefit from working with a trusted telemedicine provider.

In addition, our direct connection to Avera Behavioral Health Center in Sioux Falls, SD, gives us the advantage of understanding the dynamics of both a behavioral health facility and behavioral health care via telemedicine.

Request more information from one of our Avel Behavioral Health experts.