Avel eCare Hospitalist

Take advantage of Avel eCare Hospitalist telemedicine services for high-quality care and management of complex, medical and surgical patients who are 18 years old and older.

Watch How Avel eCare Emergency services benefit a rural South Dakota town.

Rural Hospital Challenges for Managing Complex Patients

In rural communities, many local providers staff both a hospital and clinic which can lead to a delay in response and disruption in the clinic schedule when a hospitalized patient needs attention.

In addition, the increasing complexity of patients requiring hospital care has created a need for dedicated clinicians to oversee their management while in the hospital.

With Avel eCare Hospitalist, your staff has access to experienced, board-certified hospitalists and registered nurses who can watch over and respond to patient needs 24/7.

Avel eCare Hospitalist Stats

Since the launch of Avel eCare Hospitalist in 2017, we’ve:

  • Reduced the number of times that local providers had to come in while on call or working in the clinic by 90 percent
  • Averaged less than 10 minutes in wait time

Benefit from Virtual Hospitalist Coverage 24/7

We support local providers and nursing staff by providing real-time access to expert internal medicine consultations – including admission, overnight and urgent support – and compliance with evidence-based practices, quality and EMR documentation standards.

As an Avel eCare Hospitalist partner, your team will have the support it needs to:

  • Evaluate any change in health status
  • Experience fewer unnecessary transfers
  • Improve efficiency and timeliness of care
  • Increase admissions
  • Follow-up with planned but pending labs and studies
  • Reduce burnout and increased retention and recruiting capabilities among staff

Strategic Partnership for Remote Hospitalist Services

Avel eCare Hospitalist services are ideal for critical access hospitals and can also support community hospitals, regional hospitals and health systems. No matter your facility size, you can customize the amount of support you receive based on your needs.

How Avel eCare Hospitalist Works

Partner sites receive a mobile cart equipped with everything needed for an Avel eCare Hospitalist virtual visit. The cart and its accompanying technology were intentionally designed to be convenient, user-friendly and secure so that local care teams can easily transfer it from room to room.

  1. Our team implements secure, interactive, high-definition video and audio equipment and software into your facility and trains your staff.
  2. When your providers need hospitalist assistance, they simply call to connect 24/7/365 with our team, who respond immediately from our virtual hospital hub.
  3. Our staff clarifies what level of support is being requested. We can help with as much or as little as needed.

Although our team becomes part of your local medical staff, credentialed and privileged to direct patient care and support you in delivering care, we don’t replace the bedside team. Instead, we collaborate with and supplement your team in order to provide the best possible care for your patients.