Avel eCare School Health

Avel eCare School Health partners with K-12 school districts to provide nurse coverage for the entire school day and ensure immediate response to student needs. Using high-definition video technology, school faculty and staff are able to connect with dedicated providers at eHelm – the Sioux Falls hub for Avel. Request a free consultation with one of our experts to learn more.

This service is provided through funding from a three-year Health Resources & Services Administration (HRSA) grant.

Your School Health Challenge

Each school district is faced with the challenge of providing a safe environment for students in an ever-changing landscape of stretched school budgets and increasing student health needs.

As the number of children in the United States with significant health challenges rises, so does the need to provide experienced nursing care within schools.

  • Asthma affects more than 5 million school-aged children and causes them to miss an Average of 14 million school days each year
  • Potentially deadly food allergies affect one in every 13 children under age 18
  • Type 2 diabetes increased 30.5 percent among youth under age 18 from 2001-2009

Expert School Nurse Care for Students

Avel eCare School Health assists schools by providing safe, cost-effective care for students via telemedicine. Our advanced two-way video technology and specialized equipment connects students and school staff to an experienced registered nurse within 5 minutes.

Our Avel eCare School Health nurses can:

  • Care for students with unscheduled, urgent health care needs due to injury or illness
  • Design school health programs and provide education to help maintain a safe environment and minimize health-related barriers to students’ ability to learn
  • Develop emergency health plans
  • Guide care for students with chronic or complex health conditions such as asthma, diabetes, life-threatening allergies and seizures
  • Offer medical advice for 504 and Individual Education Program (IEP) plans
  • Provide back-up care when a school nurse isn’t available on-site
  • Refer students to providers and connect families with local resources
  • Support case management and serve as a point of contact for medication refills, side effects, order changes, nursing care to be provided at school, mental health needs, etc.

Benefits of Avel eCare School Health at Your School

When you partner with Avel eCare School Health, you’ll experience the benefits that come along with having immediate access to a registered nurse.

  • Decrease your risk of liability when it comes to handling health concerns and delivering medications
  • Give peace of mind, lower stress and reduce burnout among your staff
  • Increase your staff productivity and morale when they can focus on what they do best
  • Provide your students with evidence-based care from an experienced registered nurse
  • Save time and money spent traveling if your school shares a nurse with multiple locations

How Avel eCare School Health Works

  1. A student experiences an injury, illness or needs assistance with a health condition such as diabetes, asthma, etc.
  2. The designated school staff contacts Avel School Health and requests a two-way video session.
  3. An Avel eCare School Health nurse completes a health care assessment of the student through advanced video technology and advises staff member on how to help the student.
  4. The staff member may be asked by the Avel eCare School Health nurse to use medical peripherals attached to the mobile cart, such as an otoscope.
  5. If needed, the Avel eCare School Health nurse contacts the student’s parents to communicate information about the visit or a need for further follow-up care.

Invest in Student Health

Research has shown that a student’s ability to learn is directly related to his or her health. When you partner with Avel eCare School Health, you’re not only investing in the health of your students, but also in their education and future.

In fact, research has shown that if a nurse is available, only 5 percent of students are dismissed with health-related concern. However, if a nurse isn’t available, 18 percent of students are sent home.

Avel eCare School Health is a cost-efficient solution that provides your student population with all-day access to a registered nurse via telemedicine. The service cost is based on the number of students. For a limited time, there are also grant funds available to assist with equipment, installation fees and service costs.

You can learn more about Avel eCare School Health services by visiting with one of our Avel eCare School Health experts.

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