Senior Care Facility Support

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Long Term Care Hub: 1-844-322-4236
Long Term Care Fax: 1-605-679-7031

Senior Living Hub: 1-833-614-1701
Senior Living Fax: 1-605-679-7031


Avel eCare Senior Care Team

  • What is Avel eCare Senior Care [Video]
  • Senior Care Geriatrician: Dr. Joseph Rees [Video] [Bio]
  • Medical Director and Clinical Officer: Dr. Victoria Walker [Bio]
  • Nurse Manager: Pam Paulsen, RN, Gero-BC, RAC-CT [Video] [Bio]
  • Pharmacy: Teresa Eastman, PharmD, BCGP Pharmacist [Video]



Questions or Requests

For questions or requests on the Senior Care Facility Support Portal, please contact us.